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Chronic vs Acute Conditions: What’s the Difference?

Doctor and patient

Most medical conditions fall under two categories: chronic or acute. These two branches encompass everything from osteoporosis to a broken bone. It is important to know whether you have a chronic or acute condition in order to get the best, most suitable care. Essentially, chronic conditions are persistent, slow-onset illnesses whereas acute conditions occur suddenly…

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How to Age In Place With In-Home Care

A senior aging in-place with home healthcare

As we age into our later years, eventually, we reach a pivotal point where we may not be able to manage our daily lives as easily as we used to on our own. In the face of mobility limitations, health-related considerations, or flat out difficulty managing around the house, many older people may opt to…

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A Parent’s Guide to Cerebral Palsy

A Parent's Guide to Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is one of the most common childhood mobility disorders in the world, but each diagnosis presents just as uniquely as the person, him or herself. Whether your child has a mild case of this condition and is mostly independent, or is completely wheelchair-bound and dependent on you for their every moment, this…

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Can ADHD Be Mistaken for Autism?

ADHD vs Autism spectrum disorder

When your child receives an unwanted diagnosis (or is in need of medical intervention for troubling delays for the first time), it can be unnerving to say the least. You may find yourself questioning everything you’ve been told and wondering if there is another possible cause for your child’s behaviors and symptoms. While medical misdiagnoses…

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Indoor Activities for Special Needs Children

Young parents playing with their toddler

Whether you’re stuck inside because of a global pandemic, health concerns, changing weather, or all of the above, finding engaging activities for your child with special needs can be a difficult task. Not to mention, you’re likely busy shuffling your family to and from school, work, doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, and a myriad of other…

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A Parent’s Guide to Epilepsy

Dad and laughing child

Whether your child was just diagnosed, or your family has been suffering for years, Epilepsy is a brain disorder that can leave parents feeling powerless and out of control. According to the CDC (2015 report), 470,000 children ages 17 and under have active epilepsy. It is one of the most common nervous disorders, according to…

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What is Caregiver Burnout and How Does it Affect You?

Female caregiver embracing pediatric patient

Caring for a heath-compromised loved one 24 hours per day, 7 days per week can be exhausting. Parents of Special Needs children, family members of sick elderly persons, and even an employed healthcare professional often find themselves in a place of depletion and guilt over how difficult it becomes to balance all of the demands…

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How Service Animals Can Help Children with Special Needs

Girl and service dog in super hero outfits

Caring for a dependent with special needs is no small feat. If you find yourself needing more assistance as you raise your special needs child and are wondering if there are other resources and means of caretaking assistance, you’re not alone. Many families are benefitting from the addition of a service animal to their home;…

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What Does it Take to Become a CNA?

CNA walking through home with a senior patient

A Certified Nurse Assistant, or CNA, is arguably one of the most important jobs in the medical field. Responsible for the day-to-day caring of hospital patients, as well as walking with individuals through emotionally difficult days of procedures and pain, CNAs collectively form the foundation of health care facilities. What Does a CNA Do? Before…

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Common Pediatric Sleep Disorders

Girl child yawning while holding a pillow

We’ve all experienced those days where tiredness seems to follow us around like a cloud. It affects our productivity, our mood, and our emotional regulation. Children experience the same thing after a restless night. But for kids, sleep issues can become extremely detrimental to their future health if left unmitigated. According to a study by…

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