Congratulations on finishing your CNA program! We know you’ve studied hard and taken the time to carefully memorize and thoroughly learn everything you needed to earn your certification because you’ll have other people’s health and well-being in your hands. Now it’s time to put all that effort to use! But where to begin? Nursing assistant positions are always in demand, so the variety of options may feel a bit overwhelming. If you’re on the hunt for CNA jobs in the Denver area, here are a few of the different options available to you and things to consider about each:

Home Healthcare Agencies

One common option for CNA job openings is employment with a home healthcare company. Most home healthcare assistance programs offer a variety of assistive services, from in-home range of motion exercises to personal hygiene assistance and food preparation. They also tend to work with a wider range of age groups and needs, so you will have the opportunity to work with special needs children and the elderly in the same position.

When it comes to in-home care positions, the biggest perk is that you’ll likely have a much smaller roster and the chance to really get close to your patients, unlike in a skilled nursing facility. You’ll also have more flexibility in the hours you work since most home healthcare agencies offer 24-hour services and less direct supervision. Like hospitals, you’ll likely enjoy a wealth of great benefits—but unlike hospitals, you won’t have an overwhelming patient load!

If you’re looking for CNA jobs in the Denver area, contact Evergreen Home Healthcare to learn more about what our CNAs and nursing staff do, or apply online with us today!