As a nurse, your calling is to help others. When looking for a CNA job, it can be tough to decide which medical facility is going to be the best fit for you. From big hospitals to tiny medical practices, there are all sorts of options for you to choose from, so how do you know which is the right fit? Many people have an idea of what type of facility they’d like to work in or what area they’d like to specialize in, but an area that often goes forgotten is at home health care.

At home health care organizations are ideal for individuals that require medical attention on a routine basis but can enjoy it in the comfort of their own home. Evergreen Home Health Care has been fortunate enough to provide Denver, Greeley, Northglenn and the surrounding areas with high-quality health care for years. Currently, we are looking for qualified and driven CNAs to join our team. Keep reading to see what some of the benefits of choosing to work with an at home health care facility.

Stronger Relationships

One of the primary benefits of working with an at home health care facility is that you’re given the opportunity to build stronger relationships with the individuals you work with. While you are able to get close to some of the patients that you work within larger facilities, it’s nothing compared to the bonds that are built in these types of setting.

Being a CRN for a facility that provides at home health care means that this patient is welcoming you into their home so that you can provide care for them. Aside from that, you are the one person that they are depending on throughout the day. The amount of time that is spent working with this patient is going to be far more than the typical patient and caregiver ratio.

If you’re looking for the opportunity to get on a personal level with the person that you’ll be caring for, you’re not going to find that in many other settings.

Familiarity With Your Patient

Every medical scenario is different. Having a full understanding of each patient folder, their diagnosis, the medications that they need and the care that they require to live comfortably is a big task to take on, especially when you’re doing it for countless patients. Working through an in-home health care organization allows for you to really get familiar with your patient and their needs.

With as much time as you’ll be dedicating to the patient that you’re working with, you’ll be able to thoroughly look into their chart and get a grip of the schedule that they’re on. From the medications that they use to the little things that make them a special case, you’ll be able to have the chance to really provide them with the care they need.

Being able to have this one-on-one relationship is beneficial for you as a care provider because you’re able to give them the absolute best care possible, but it’s also beneficial for the patient. They are able to have someone that is there for them at all times and understands their needs — there’s no form of care that can compete with this.

Opportunity to Help

Being a part of the healthcare team means that you’re driven to making a difference in people’s life, and in home health care is a great way to do just that. By being an at-home care provider, you become a significant part of your patient’s life. Truthfully, they become so dependent on you, and the bond becomes so strong that most CNAs that work in the at home health care industry feel as though they’ve had a unique opportunity to help and change the life of someone in need.

When you look at the points that we’ve mentioned prior, it’s easy to see how this job could become one that changes the lives of both you and your patients. Though every revenue of nursing will provide you with the opportunity to provide change and assist someone in need, there are different ways that being a part this path will differ.

Unique Experience

Every job that you have in the nursing industry is going to provide you with countless adventures and invaluable experience. The type of experience that you’d get working at a hospital is going to be different than that of an urgent care clinic. If you’re looking for an opportunity to get a wide range of experience with your career, working with an at home health care agency is a great way to do so.

You’ll learn so much about various different care needs and tactics, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to perfect all of the tactics that you learn during this time. Again, this type of experience is invaluable and something that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Join Our Team

Working with an in-home health care organization has endless benefits to it, and we’d love to be the ones to show you that. Though we’ve mentioned a few of the reasons that being a part of this industry is excellent, there are so many others that you’ll get to enjoy by working with Evergreen Home Health Care.

If you’re interested in being a part of Evergreen Home Health Care team, we’d be happy to have you. For years we’ve strived to provide individuals in need with the health care that they deserve. Check out the employment perks of joining the Evergreen Home Health Care team here. For any questions regarding the opportunities available, contact us today, and we’d be happy to help you!