The holiday season is already a stressful time of year, but when you have medical equipment that you have to account for when traveling, it can be all the more daunting. If you’re going to be traveling with a family member or friend that requires specific medical equipment on a daily basis, then the one thing that you need to is to figure out what works best for you and execute it seamlessly.

The team at Evergreen Home Health Care has compiled a list of tips that can help you travel with all necessary medical equipment this holiday season without it being a headache. We hope that you find something that works for you in today’s blog post.

Always Have a Plan

Regardless of how far of a distance you’re going to be traveling, creating a plan to stick with is something that we always suggest doing. Not only does building a plan for your travels give you some guidelines to follow, but it can help you plan in advance. The holidays aren’t going to be here for a couple of weeks, so take that time to create a plan for the travels. The points that we will be touching on next are all great things to incorporate into your plan for optimal traveling.

Make a List

Before you head out anywhere or even begin to pack, make a list of all the medical equipment that you’re going to need while traveling. Organizing a list is going to help you take the time to think about absolutely everything that you’ll need without being rushed. When we leave the packing to the last minute, and we don’t take time to write it down, we risk forgetting even one or two of the essential items that we need. Though this isn’t always a life-threatening problem when we’re talking about clothes or toiletries, it can be for medical equipment.

Something that we’ve found to be very helpful is creating the list during the average day. Compiling your list while you go through the actions can help you take into account what the daily routine is going to look like and what you need to bring when traveling. Taking a couple of days to build this list can make sure that you don’t miss anything in the process of building the list.

Pack in Advance

Now that you have a list of items that you need, make sure to pack in advance. It’s tough to gather all of the items that you need while also rushing. It’s these types of scenarios that make traveling extremely stressful. Even if you wait a little longer to pack up your clothes and any other holiday items that you need, don’t leave the medical necessities to the last minute. More often than not, you should be able to properly pack everything that you need without it affecting your daily routine.

Depending on what type of materials and medical supplies you’re going to be packing, it could be extremely beneficial to find luggage that makes it easier for you to haul all of these items. There are plenty of companies that specialize in luggage for medical equipment and the many shapes and sizes that it comes in. Consider looking into this before your travels so that you can have it delivered to your home in time for the trip.

Stock Up On Medication

One of the more important things that you’ll want to prepare in advance will be medication. When traveling you’re still going to need to ensure that daily doses of medication are being taken, so it’s important that you account for enough, if not a little extra, for your travels. As the plans for your holiday travels come up, it’s always a good idea to immediately check the amounts of medication that you have remaining to ensure that you have enough to get you through your holiday stay.

Aside from it being beneficial for you to refill any prescriptions for your travels, it’s always nice to know that you’ll have ample medication when you return. Given that it is the holiday season and you will be traveling, you never know what availability of your doctors or local pharmacies will look like. While you can always have your doctor approve a prescription refill in another city or state, that’s not a headache that you should have to deal with during this time of year.

Account for Accommodations

Medical equipment and physical disabilities can make the requirements for accommodations pretty specific. While your family may be more than willing to host you for the holidays, you’re going to want to consider the needs that you’ll have during your stay and whether or not their house is going to be able to account for them.

Whether it’s the equipment that you’re going to be bringing along or whether or not the place is wheelchair friendly, these are the types of things that you need to inquire about before you assume that you’re in the clear with a place to stay. Though a hotel isn’t always the ideal option for the holiday season or trips of this sort, it may be the best option in regards to handicap friendly accommodations. Given that it is the holiday season, you will want to determine your needs sooner than later.

Ask Your Home Health Care Professional

The individual that is in and out of your home performing care is going to be able to provide you with endless perspective and guidance. If you’ve done everything that we’ve suggested above and you’re still interested in discovering additional ways to enhance your travels, ask your home health care professional. They are going to be able to give you a better idea of what little items make a difference on a daily basis and what types of things you should consider packing to make the travels as smooth as possible.

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