This February 4th through the 8th, the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation is celebrating its eighth annual Feeding Tube Awareness Week®. More than half a million Americans rely on feeding tubes for their nutrition, and this number is only growing. Many people are under the impression that feeding tubes are only used by those who are terminally ill, but in reality, there are more than 350 diseases that can require feeding tubes that impact children and adults alike, and they provide support that allows them to live and thrive.

National Feeding Tube Awareness Week was launched in 2011 with a mission to promote the life-saving benefits of feeding tubes. It also serves to inform a broader audience about the reasons why certain children are tube fed, the challenges faced by their families, and what daily life is like for a child who is tube fed. The hope is to both educate people who aren’t familiar with feeding tubes, and to help families who tube feed their children to connect with others who have similar experiences.

This year, the National Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation has provided a list of topics for each day of the week. This helps guide the conversation, though participants are encouraged to raise awareness in whatever way they feel is best.

  • Monday: Awareness
  • Tuesday: Nutrition
  • Wednesday: Benefits
  • Thursday: Support
  • Friday: Educate and Celebrate

At Evergreen Home Healthcare, a number of our patients require feeding tubes for nutritional support throughout their lives, so it’s very important to us to shed light on feeding tube awareness. This Awareness Week, we hope you will help out by sharing information on social media, blogging, talking to your friends and family about your experience, contacting local media, and donating to the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation.

You can find out more by visiting the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation website.