Being a caregiver is no easy job to take on. Not only does it require you to spend a majority of your time prioritizing someone else, but it truly is a job that never slows down. On November 13th, we are given the chance to celebrate and appreciate the caregivers in our life. At Evergreen Home Health, we know that the individuals that are providing care to you or your family member care deeply about your well being and the time that they spend with you. Here are a few of the ways that you can show them some extra appreciation this coming week.

Vocalize Your Appreciation

When someone is providing you with care for days, months, or years on end, it can feel as though they already know how much you appreciate them. These words, however, are something that most people never get tired of hearing and are always thankful to hear again. Though we always suggest vocalizing your appreciation to the individual that’s providing you with care, making sure to do it this November is extra important.

Whether it’s immediately after they do something that you appreciate, or it’s just a reminder before they leave for the day, these kind words are something that they’ll cherish and hold on to.

Spend Time Doing Something Special

If you and the caregiver have a specific way that you love to pass the time, find a way to incorporate it into the month of November. For some, taking a walk with their caregiver is the best part of their day, and they know that they love it too. If that’s the case, go ahead and let them know that you’d love to take some time to share a walk with them.

These activities could also be specific to their individual interests. Maybe they love going to the movies or baking. Find a way to share something special with your home caregiver so that they recognize just how much their happiness means to you.

Small Gift

One of the ways that we often show people that we appreciate them is by giving them a small item that shows them. Even small gifts are a way for your caregiver to understand that you appreciate everything that they do. Anything from flowers to a coffee mug is an excellent way for you to show your caregiver that you appreciate them and everything that they do for you and your family. You don’t have to go over the top when it comes to gifts that you get, but small items are always fantastic and appreciated.

Another gift that you can always take into consideration is a handwritten note. Kind words that they can hold onto for years to come is something that all caregivers will appreciate. Whether you pair this with a small gift or it’s a standalone gift, it’s something that they’ll treasure.

Share a Meal

One of the more underrated ways of showing appreciation is a delicious meal. Whether a family member prepares it or you treat your caregiver to a meal out on the town, sharing a delicious meal together is a great way to show appreciation, also. Not only does a meal provide you with a time to sit down and have a quality conversation with them, but it changes the scenario up from them providing for you, to you giving them a meal.

If you’re unable to prepare a meal or leave the home, then a gift card for them to enjoy with their loved ones is also a thoughtful gift that offers them a chance to take a break from providing care and to slow down to enjoy a meal.

Donate to an Organization

Making a donation to an organization that they care about is a thoughtful and sweet way for you to let your caregiver know that they are appreciated. When you’re unable to plan for a meal or physically do something for them, providing them with a donation is always a great option. Ask them which organization they feel strongly about and either write them a check to donate to the organization or make the donation in their name on your own.

Remind Them

We’ve mentioned a handful of ways for you to show that appreciation to your caregiver, but we feel it’s important to remember that while this day only happens once in a month, it’s not the only time that you should remind them you care. Whether you make the most of the suggestions that we’ve listed above or you simply voice that you appreciate everything they do, your caregiver is going to feel it.

Evergreen Home Health Care is excited to provide the Westminster, Fort Collins, Greeley and surrounding area with the care that they deserve. Our team of caregivers has always been passionate about providing high-quality care in a relaxing setting. If you’re interested in learning more about the services that we offer or how you can be a part of our team, contact us today. We’re always more than eager to provide you with information!