As the parent of a child with medical complexities you know that the saying “it takes a village” is extremely accurate. From the medical team that you get support from to the spouse that you lean on at the end of the day, it’s important to recognize that this is an going battle that requires a large support system.

While recognizing that the need for help is a part of the journey, understanding that you too need support is a completely different step to take. While parents of children with medical complexities are willing to give all that they’ve got to provide support for their child when in need, they will very rarely reach out for help when they themselves need it.

Today’s blog is entirely about the support that family members and friends of individuals with medical complexities need to ask for and should consider at times of weakness or frustration.


Peer Support

One of the readily available options that we will always suggest parents take advantage of will be peer support groups. These groups are not only going to provide you with time to speak to individuals who can relate to what it is that you’re experiencing, but they will also provide you with the counselor that will be able to listen to the struggles that you’re going through and provide you with counsel and guidance based on what it is that they are hearing.

By attending these groups you have the opportunity to build friendships with individuals that will be there when you need support in the darkest of times. It’s something that goes beyond the time that you spend in the group and becomes an additional pillar of support from someone who can relate to what you’re experiencing as a parent, which is a rare and genuine connection to share with someone.


Available Resources

Another suggestion that we have for finding support as a family member or friend of an individual with medical complexities is finding resources that allow for you to educate yourself. This doesn’t have to be an act that you turn to in times of struggle, but it is a way that you can prepare and educate yourself to better handle the circumstances.

What’s great about turning to resources is that there are countless resources to choose from all from various points of views. If you want to find a particular perspective or topic regarding the care for your child with medical complexities, you can always learn more and challenge yourself to understand more.


Attend Therapy

Therapy is without a doubt one of the best ways to find support for any struggles that you may be dealing with, and this is no different for the times that you’re seeking support for your child with medical complexities. One of the reasons that we find therapy to be such a rewarding option of support is that it provides you with the option to go through therapy alone or in a group.

That being said, we do suggest visiting a therapist as a family and on an individual basis so that all members are able to get the individual support and time that they need to work through thoughts and emotion, while also getting the support and conversation from family to reassure that this is not an issue anyone is taking on alone. The more frequently that you visit the better of your mental and emotional health will be, which only makes you a better pillar of support for your child and the rest of your family.

At the end of the day, you are not fighting this battle alone — and it’s important that you know that.

Evergreen Home Health Care has provided care for multiple individuals throughout the front range. Whether you are located in Fort Collins or in the surrounding Denver area, our team will be there to care and nurture your child with medical complexities and support you in any way that you can. If you are currently in need of some additional information on how you can find support, reach out to your child’s medical provider or to the caregiver that is working directly with you and we’ll do the best that we can to find you the support you need.

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