Welcome to the Evergreen Home Health Care blog! On our blog, we discuss topics relevant to those looking for pediatric home health care and how they can have their needs met in Denver. Having a child that faces health challenges can be overwhelming for any parent. That is why Evergreen Home Healthcare is on your side. We are experienced, professional providers of in-home care who understand not only what your child needs to be successful, but also how to support you.

6 Reasons Why You Can’t Do It All

As a parent, it is easy to feel the pressure to perform despite the challenges that you and your child face together. You probably feel like you are their mother or father, and so, all the responsibility of caring for your child falls to you. Though you are not wrong, if your child has special needs or health challenges, the assistance of a professional nurse or caregiver can not only provide more opportunities for your child to succeed but may even help you be a better parent. Today, on our blog we are going to discuss some of the benefits of pediatric home health care for your child and family.

Provide Opportunities For Success

Though you may be entirely capable of caring for your child, sometimes what you can provide isn’t enough for the challenges that your child faces. Your child will always need you — you are their parent! However, they may also need the professional care of a nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist or other healthcare professional. These individuals not only have the medical training needed but have the experience to help your child be successful. In most cases, you have probably never raised a child that has the same struggles. Nurses, caregivers, and therapists have years of experience working with children who need special attention and so, as a result, may have a better idea as to how to help your child be successful.

Relieve Your Stress

Though you may not want to admit it, raising a child with challenges can be extremely stressful. Not only must you take on their additional needs, but you must also attend to your other responsibilities, other family members, and your needs. Juggling all of this can be stressful. Though it may be tempting to feel like you must take it all on and you may enjoy the challenge, dealing with all of this on your can result in burnout, exhaustion, not being able to care for your child like they need, and other areas of your life falling by the wayside. If you are feeling tired all the time, irritable, frustrated, and daydreaming of a moment to yourself, you need a break!

Be A Better Parent

If you feel like are falling prey to stress and exhaustion, how do you feel about your current parenting abilities? Do you feel like you are failing? Do you feel like you are a bad parent to your children? If you are feeling this way, you might be being hard on yourself. However, if you are trying to take on all the responsibility of caring for your child by yourself, as we mentioned before, you may need help. Parenting, whether your child has special medical needs or not, is essentially a full-time job and requires a lot of time and attention. Because you may be focused on being your child’s nurse, it may leave little time or energy for you to be their parent — talk or play with them or show interest in their hobbies and passions: you may have completely stepped into the role of “nurse” to neglect the role of “parent.” If this happened to you, it doesn’t mean you have failed or that you are a bad parent. It simply means that you need the assistance of pediatric in-home healthcare.

Give Attention to Others in the Family

If you must serve as a nurse and a parent, others in your family may feel neglected. It is easy to focus your energies on the child that requires the most, but that can leave others in your family getting the very last of your energy and attention. Though your other children may not face the challenges that your special needs child does, they still need you to be there for them. Feeling like you aren’t there for them can breed a plethora of issues that your children and family may face the rest of their lives. It’s also easy to neglect your spouse and to simply become partners living in the same house trying to keep it all together. Your other family members and your spouse need you; let a pediatric in-home healthcare nurse help!  

Take Care Of You

As we mentioned earlier, if you feel like you are running around with your head cut off and feeling spread thin, you are most likely not taking care of yourself. In a society that capitalizes on doing as much as possible and wearing sleep deprivation like a proverbial badge of honor, it is easy to feel the pressure that you have to do it all and shirk your own self-care. However, the secret is this: if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else. You must take time to eat well, get the sleep you need, have downtime, and even pursue your hobbies, career, and dreams. Yes, having a child that faces unique challenges can require sacrifices. However, not at the cost of a parent that is completely spent.

Leave Little Room for Resentment

Resentment is a “weed” that can grow within families that have children that have special needs, if a family isn’t utilizing the help of a professional. The other children may resent their parents because they feel neglected. Spouses feel like they are the last priority of their partners, and even the caregiving parent can begin to feel resentful of their child. Resentment never bodes well for any relationship and can follow a family forever. Our egos, pride, or even our innocent assumptions can lead us to believe that we can do it all, but in most cases, you can’t — no one can.

Are You Ready to Get Help?

We hope that you will consider pediatric home health care for your child. The assistance of a nurse or therapist will not only improve your child’s quality of life, but your entire family’s well-being. Evergreen Home Healthcare has been providing specialized care for children and teens in the Denver area for over 10 years. We can provide acute care, long-term care, specialized pediatric care, as well as in-home therapy and caregiver services. All of our caregivers, nurses, and therapists are compassionate professionals who are certified and whose passion is giving children facing challenges the help and support they need. To learn more about the ways in which we can serve your family as well as find answers to any financial questions, visit our website and contact us!