Welcome back to the Evergreen Home Healthcare blog! On our blog, we cover everything you need to know about home health care. Lately, we have been focusing on pediatric home health care. If you are just looking into what it could provide your child and family, we understand that you have a lot of questions. We hope that you will check out our blog to learn more about in-home care. However, for more specific questions be sure to contact our office! We would love to answer all of your questions and help you find the care for your child that fits their needs and your budget. Visit our website to learn about our services in Denver.

6 Pieces of Advice That Every Parent Wishes They Had

Being a parent to a child with complex medical issues is hard. Recognizing the challenges doesn’t make you any less of a good parent. Today, we are going to provide some advice and hopefully, some encouragement that can help you as you navigate the complicated waters of parenting.   

You Don’t Have to Do It All On Your Own

As a parent, there is always pressure to do more, rest less, and to somehow never burn out. As much as other parents want you to believe they have it all together, having a child that faces complex medical issues requires more time, energy, and can be taxing when you are juggling your other responsibilities. Home healthcare can ease your stress and allow you to be there for your child as their parent, showup for your other children, and rekindle your relationship with your spouse.

Trust the Professionals

You have the responsibility to protect your child and we understand how difficult it can be to trust the professionals. Before hiring a home care professional for your child, do your research. See what the qualifications the caregivers of a home care agency require. Contact the home care agency and ask questions. Knowing that you’ve done your due diligence to find the right care for your child and family can alleviate some of the worry that comes with hiring a home care nurse. If you find yourself “helicopter parenting” when the care provider is in your home, remember that micromanaging can sometimes hinder the quality of the care that your child receives. We encourage you to do your own research about your child’s condition, but also know that you are paying for the services of professionals for a reason.

Ask Questions

By all means, ask questions. A home care provider will always be happy to explain your child’s care plan, methods of care, and more. The pediatric home healthcare providers of Evergreen Home Healthcare will always be happy to answer your questions. If you are worried that you have a “hard question” or are going to look like a bad parent, don’t be. Chances are that we have heard it all before. We also understand that the medical issues that your child faces are complex and want you to understand and be able to set your mind at ease.  

Work Toward Independence

We understand that it can be easy to get focused on caring for your child and to simply see the hurdles in front of your child’s independence. Though your child may never be able to be completely independent, investigate the possibilities. With technology that is improving all the time and continued research, anything is possible. No matter the age, consider how you can help your child live a life as normal as possible.

Have Fun

As we mentioned, it is easy to get focused on the problems that are presented with complex medical issues, but be sure to take moments to take a deep breath and have fun with your child. In our post “6 Ways In-Home Healthcare Can Help You & Your Family,” we discuss how hiring home care can actually help you focus more on being a parent to your child versus focusing only on the care they need. Being involved in your child’s care is highly encouraged, but remember to take time to play, laugh, talk and have fun with your child.

It’s Okay to Be Frustrated

Parents of children with complex medical needs can feel a lot of pressure to always put a smile on their face or to give the illusion that they have it all together. It is completely natural to become frustrated with your child’s condition and the challenges that it presents. As home care providers, we have seen it all and will never judge you. We understand what you face — that’s why you have hired us! If you feel like you are frustrated with one particular situation or element of your child’s condition, ask the caregiver assigned to help your child. We would love to help you find a solution to ease your frustration.

Educate Friends & Family

Often friends and family may not know how to act or they may struggle to know what to say to you or your child. It is up to you to educate them! In many cases, they would like some direction! Many parents of kids facing challenges hear the “poor baby” sentiments as they walk through public places or hear “I’m sorry” from neighbors or family members. We understand this can be frustrating to encounter and confrontation is never fun, but if the situation is right, do your best to help others know how to support you and your family, and how to befriend your child.

Being a parent to a child with medical challenges can be difficult and we at Evergreen Home Health Care would love to not only provide your child the care they need to be successful, but also support you. Visit our website to learn more about our pediatric home health care services we offer in Denver.