The grass is always greener on the other side — you’ve heard this saying before, right? When things get tough, we still tend to find that our neighbors have it a little bit better. This is something that we teach our children to avoid for many reasons. Aside from the fact that this mentality can poison your mind, it’s also known that the grass is usually not greener on the other side of the fence.

As a parent of a child with medical complexities, one thing that you will have to be prepared for is the view that their complexities make them different and may pose challenges throughout their lives. Though the complexities that your child struggles with are far from what defines them, they do contribute to the beautiful heart that you’ve raised.

So how can you help them to look at things differently?

This is a question that you probably think of often as a parent that wants their child to realize how valuable and beautiful they are. The one thing that will never fail is loving these children for exactly who they are. This includes looking into all of the strengths, talents, and skills that they have. It is your responsibility to show them how their talents are special and are things that other people would be lucky to have.


Discovering the Talent of Your Child

For some children, it’s easy to distinguish what their greatest talents are. Some children are artists while others are athletes, but each child has a skill that they are gifted with — it may just take some time to find it. One of the fastest ways to find a skill is to ask your child what types of activities they enjoy. More often than not, skills are rooted in passions.

If you’re still not entirely sure what it is that your child excels at, continue to try new things to see what types of activities they enjoy. You don’t have to work too hard to find activities they like. Spending extra time reading or giving them different supplies to work with can help spark some potential interests so that you can find something that they’re gifted with or, at the very least, passionate.


Supporting Them

As with any child, one of the most important things that you need to do is to ensure that they are continuously supported in their favoredactivity or talent. Whether it be lessons, practices or simply setting aside time to allow for them to excel and spend some time doing something that they love, it’s important that you let them know that you recognize that this is something special about them.

For many children, the recognition that they have the skill or ability to do something that not everyone was born with is enough for them to recognize their value. It is not uncommon for children with medical complexities to see themselves as different because of their physical or medical conditions — but they should not be translating that as if they are any less than someone else.


Benefits of Exercising a Talent

There are countless benefits to spending time enjoying something that you love or that you’re good at, and these are all benefits that will help a child with medical complexities grow.

Growth & Development

So many of the skills that people embody allow for further growth and development to happen. Again, this goes across the spectrum of physical to mental capabilities, meaning that there is an opportunity for your child to grow and develop in various areas. From developing a larger vocabulary to gaining insight into different techniques or building muscle, all activities provide you with a chance to improve yourself.

Other People Benefit From it Too

Although the talent that your child is spending time doing is something that they’ll benefit from, it\s something that many others may benefit from as well. Aside from it being a skill that people can tangibly enjoy, it’s something that can inspire others to chase a passion of their own as well.

This, in turn, can change the lives of other children with medical complexities. Showing other people that these complexities don’t define you is just one of the ways, but showing other children with complexities what they are also capable of is another way.

Build Confidence

Even though a talent should not define your child any more than their medical complexity does, it should help them build up their confidence levels. Being good at something is an immediate way to boost confidence and see how you are so incredibly different from others. The more that your child participates in their activity, the more they’ll realize how unique they are, and it will boost their confidence as an individual.

Evergreen home health care provides individuals with medical complexities with the care and assistance that they need to live their best lives. From the care that we provide to the additional pieces that we try to provide parents and children with alike, your best interest is always in our hand. If you have any questions about how you can help your child find their skills and talents, talk to the care provider and brainstorm together how you can find them and encourage them.

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