Summer camps are one of the many traditions that children look forward to as temperatures get warmer and summer settles in. These camps are surrounded by mutual interests, age ranges, genders, and more — but the goal is for those attending to leave with more than they came with. The benefits that summer camps have for children is no different for children with medical complexities. In fact, it can benefit a child with medical complexities in many ways — here are a few of them.


Opportunity for Social Growth

Regardless of the medical complexity that your child lives with, summer camp is a chance for them to socialize with children that are similar to them. Most children that struggle with medical complexities and have at-home care will have minimal opportunity to get the social interactions that allow them to thrive.

Providing your child with the opportunity to interact with other children that are close in age is something that they very rarely get to enjoy — especially outside the hospital or other medical care facilities. Aside from the fact that children are able to enjoy social interaction at camp, they are able to do it in a place where they feel safe, accepted, and at ease.


Independence Flourishes

For some children with medical complexities, staying at home too often can lead to frustration and boredom. As with all children — some personalities flourish when they have the chance to be independent. If you’re hesitant to let your child out into the world to be completely independent with day-to-day tasks, summer camp could be an excellent way for you to give your child a glimpse of what independence looks like.

From the activities that they will participate in while at camp, to the opportunity to spend some time away from home — summer camp is full of circumstances that your child can experience what some independence looks like.


Thoroughly Trained Counselors

If the care is something that you’re worried about, there’s no need to stress it. The camps that are designed for children with medical complexities are staffed with thoroughly trained counselors that are ready and able to help these children when and if they need it. Similar to the way that you enjoy high-quality care from an at-home medical professional, you are able to trust that your child is enjoying their time while still having the care that they need.


Endless Fun

One of the critical points of summer is the fun that children are able to have. Finding a way for your child to have some fun this summer, medical complexities or not is a must. Rather than sticking to the same at-home activities, consider sending your child to a summer camp where they will be experiencing endless amounts of fun with other children.

These camps are often scheduled from beginning to end with events and activities that the children can get involved with and participate in to make it something completely different from the rest. With the help of the counselors that are there, you don’t have to worry about your child over-exerting themselves or getting carried away — they will modify activities and ensure that all children are doing okay while still making the day a fun one.


Evergreen Home Health Care Supports Summer Fun

Summer camps have been around for decades, and that’s because they have created lifetime memories for children of all ages. As a company that strives to provide top quality care, we believe that balance is a must — and that includes making some time for fun!

The team at Evergreen Home Health Care wants to provide your child with the life that they need to thrive. From the care that they receive at home to the opportunities available to them throughout their life, you can count on our team to support you and your child.

If you’re looking for any suggestions for summer camps for your child this summer or in the years to come, keep an eye out for our next blog that will showcase some of the most highly recommended camps for children with medical complexities and some more of what you can expect to see at these camps. Aside from that, feel free to reach out to your medical professional or the Evergreen team member that you’re working with for any additional information.